Terms of Use



Subject to the terms outlined and any applicable fees, South Simcoe Theatre grants you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable right to use the South Simcoe Theatre Applications and the Content strictly for personal, noncommercial purposes. This includes viewing content on-screen, printing for personal use, or electronically saving limited portions. All other rights are reserved by South Simcoe Theatre. Copying, displaying, or distributing Content or South Simcoe Theatre Applications without written consent is prohibited. Automated use is strictly forbidden unless explicitly permitted.


South Simcoe Theatre retains the right to withdraw any content if it no longer has the publishing right, chooses not to offer it, or suspects copyright infringement, defamation, obscenity, or other objectionable elements.

Registration and Profile Creation

To access certain South Simcoe Theatre Application features, you may need to register and create a user profile (Account). This may involve using credentials from third-party platforms. Your Account is for individual, single-application use only. You are responsible for Account confidentiality, and sharing or transferring it is strictly prohibited. Providing accurate information during registration, updating it promptly, and notifying South Simcoe Theatre of unauthorized use is your responsibility.

No Interference

Users must not interfere with the South Simcoe Theatre Applications’ functionality, damage servers, or attempt unauthorized access. Reverse engineering or disassembling accessed software is strictly prohibited. Security measures are in place, but users acknowledge providing personal information at their own risk.

Modification to Services

South Simcoe Theatre reserves the right to modify the South Simcoe Theatre Applications and Content at its discretion. Dissatisfaction with modifications allows users to cease usage.


South Simcoe Theatre or its licensors own all rights to Content and South Simcoe Theatre Applications. Reproducing, distributing, or using any part without prior written consent is prohibited. Trademarks and graphics are subject to South Simcoe Theatre’s intellectual property rights. Downloadable software is subject to license agreements.



Forums are intended for lawful, relevant, and fair information exchange. Prohibited uses include promoting goods/services, unsolicited advertising, and disruptive activities.

User Uploaded Information

South Simcoe Theatre allows users to upload information, but it does not endorse or guarantee the content. South Simcoe Theatre has the right to monitor, edit, or remove User Uploaded Information for various reasons, including legal compliance or protection of its interests.

Prohibited Uses

Users must not use South Simcoe Theatre Applications for unauthorized commercial activities, dissemination of malicious content, or interference with functionality. Accepting payment for uploaded information, uploading third-party information without rights, and engaging in fraudulent activities are strictly prohibited.

License and Warranty

Users grant South Simcoe Theatre a perpetual, royalty-free, fully paid-up, transferable license for User Uploaded Information. South Simcoe Theatre may use, modify, and incorporate such information into derivative works. Users waive moral rights and acknowledge receiving consideration for granting these rights. South Simcoe Theatre is not obligated to maintain confidentiality, and any resulting ideas or materials are owned by South Simcoe Theatre.

Users represent that their uploaded information is truthful, original, and does not violate third-party rights or laws. South Simcoe Theatre is not liable for any loss or damage resulting from User Uploaded Information. Users also acknowledge that South Simcoe Theatre may be considering similar ideas independently.

This comprehensive agreement outlines user responsibilities, South Simcoe Theatre’s rights, and the terms governing the use of applications and content.